Imagine the power we will create joining together in sacred space, at the same time, with other women all over the planet. We’ll be teaming up with Global Sisterhood ( to be one circle of many across the planet, sharing collective intention and boosting each other’s healing.

When women come together with the sole intent to be present for each other, we can deeply ground one another to create a powerful safe space for healing and growth. When we come together from every corner of the world? Let’s see what happens!

Circling offers us the opportunity to tap back into our depths and transmute some of the challenges that are up for us into growth. Within the safe space of our fellow sisters and outside our daily hustle, we connect to the common threads that bind us, which are many. Weights can lift. Truths can be voiced. We can see each other as mirrors and reflect back each other’s beauty and power.

It is my honor and great pleasure to create and hold space for these gatherings. I invite you to say yes if this message stirs something within you.

What to expect:
Opening guided meditation
Facilitated Sharing
Integration through movement
Short closing prayer
$20 Suggested Donation
Contact for location details ♥

If you’ve never been to a women’s circle like this and have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me with questions.

With Love,