Nicole Sabourian’s customized healing sessions draw from a wide breadth of techniques to deeply calm the nervous system and help balance the mind/body/spirit as a whole.

Modalities Include:

-guided meditation

-mindfulness instruction

-neuro-muscular massage

-cranial-sacral therapy


-polarity therapy


-crystal healing

-chakra clearing

-sound healing

Treatments run two hours door to door, with 90 minutes on the table.

First Session: $175

Regular Session Rate: $225

Four Session Rate: $800

“Nicole’s way of integrating different modalities of energy work including polarity, crystals, chakra clearing, etc. with traditional massage have helped me to release tension that has been stored in my body for years. A session with Nicole is much more than just a massage. I always leave feeling relaxed, lighter and balanced physically and mentally. I’ve attended a couple of Nicole’s meditation classes and look forward to attending more. Nicole is a gifted teacher. She clearly lives what she teaches and glows with enthusiasm for this work. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a session with Nicole.” Darcy S.

“Nicole was recommended to me at a time when I was in need of some serious healing. Nicole was able to zero in on the source of my pains and used a variety of techniques to release all the blocks that had made simple daily tasks excruciatingly painful. I think it is unique to find someone who has great people skills combined with such a gift for healing. Nicole has an energy best described as ‘peaceful exuberance.’ She loves what she does and that is reflected in the quality of the services she provides.” Amy M.

“Throughout the last five years, Nicole became a reservoir of support and counseling for me as she transitioned from massage therapist into healer/spiritual guide. I received treatments from her biweekly and I found her talent as a therapist/light worker to be extraordinary. Her ability to connect with energy and guide the shifting of energy is uncanny. She brought increased awareness to my own energetic patterns and assisted gentle shifts when my physical being was ready. This was a new experience. Without speaking about personal issues, Nicole brought a unique and deep understanding to the sessions. Because Nicole is gentle and empathetic she is able to honor a client’s integrity and wait patiently for the right time to assist them in their desire to change. She counsels with quiet confidence and provides the support one would get from sitting in a favorite chair to ponder most pressing issues.
Nicole also provided biweekly sessions to my dear friend as she was going through chemotherapy and radiation therapy for Pancreatic Cancer. Nicole provided more comfort and healing to her than any physician or counselor could offer. My friend often commented on how relaxed and refreshed she felt after a session with Nicole. Nicole was her only ‘counselor’ throughout her 4 year long battle with cancer. To this day I don’t know if Nicole realizes how much she helped my dear friend with the multiple transitions she endured in the course of her illness. Nicole is a radiant being with a solid and grounded base that is rare to find in today’s mixture of ‘light workers’.”  -Laura C.


B.A. Cornell University ’06 Art History, focus in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Comparative Religions

Boulder Psychic Institute, Clairvoyance Studies Program ’08

Spa Tech Institute 1000 hour Massage Therapy and Polarity Therapy Program, Plymouth, MA 2010

Yoga of Energy Flow 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Daniel Orlansky and Liz Owen, Arlington, MA, 2011

Draper University, Entrepreneurship Program, Palo Alto CA, 2012

Sofia University (Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), Palo Alto, CA, MFT Training courses 2014-2015

The long and short of it:

I built a wellness practice in Hingham, MA in 2010, where I fine tuned my skills as a healer, specializing in work with oncology patients and end of life care. Life and love eventually brought me to Austin TX for four years and then to Santa Monica in the Spring of 2016. I conceived my son a week after my husband and I arrived in California, and he was born on Christmas Day in 2016. The journey into motherhood has deepened my commitment to promoting self care for women, as well as my desire to serve, nurture and develop the female community in our own back yard and beyond.

“I met Nicole during our pre-natal yoga experience at Paula Mallis’s house.  Our baby boys were both due at the end of December and were born one week apart.  We instantly connected and became friends.  The night before I went into labor, she had beautiful meditation circle in her living room where we set intentions for our new life as mothers.  It was incredibly insightful, calming and I was able to connect with other women.  Now, fast forward a year later, and Nicole has started her meditation circles again.  I immediately signed up as she has an incredible gift for calming my mind and making you feel welcome and loved.  Nicole mentioned that she wanted to start a Feminist Sanctuary in her house.  A week later, she invited me over for my first treatment.  I was blown away by the speed she made this happen.  I walked up the emerald stairs and was greeted by a very warm natural light.  We chatted for awhile and she asked what was going on and what I wanted to work on.  She explained in detail that she going to give me a neuro-muscular that included cranial-sacral therapy, crystal healing, polarity therapy, sound healing, and reiki.  Sounded good to me, but wasn’t exactly sure what all of this meant.  She put on her sound machine and played what sounded like wonderful Tibetian sounds and instantly calmed me down.  We started with a head massage and she went above and beyond what most massage therapists or healers do.  Normally when I get a massage, as soon as I get relaxed they move onto a different body part.  Nicole must have spent 20 minutes on my head.  She put the crystals on all my chakras and then gave me the best foot massage.  She has a great intuition for healing and can really feel where your body aches and where it needs the most attention.  After our session, I felt like I was in an alternative world and looked out at the palm trees and tried to get back to reality as I had to drive home.  She took her time with me and allowed me to come back to my senses.  We chatted and she told me everything she found on my body and what I could work on.  I left her house feeling light, clear-headed, energized and I was in a great mood.  I am so excited for our next session and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!” -D.K.