October 12-14

A weekend of intuitive exploration & expansion through sacred circle, sound, movement, art, and writing

The feminine consciousness is amid profound collective healing after many generations of patriarchal oppression. We can all feel it. We are remembering our voice, our truth, our power. Day by day, we are ushering in space for true feminine leadership in this world that honors our intuitive power as embodied creators. We are deconstructing the patriarchal paradigm from the inside out, reprogramming ourselves to honor and uplift, rather than stifle and dim, our true feminine nature that is at once tender and fierce, wise and wild. In growing into our own power, together, we are healing the trauma of our ancestors and paving the way for
a legacy free from chains.

In this immersive weekend, we will explore and expand into our feminine power. Our time together will be held in safe and sacred sisterhood. When women come together with the sole intent to be present for each other, we can deeply ground one another to create a nurturing space for healing and growth. We connect to the common threads that bind us, which are many. Weights can lift. Truths can be voiced. We can see each other as mirrors and reflect back each other’s strength and beauty. This will be an intimate group of ten women, so we will have the opportunity to really connect.
More on sister circles here.


Location: The Feminist Sanctuary, in Santa Monica, CA. We are located on a quiet street under swaying palms, blocks from the ocean and walking distance to Montana Ave. Much of our time together will be spent outside under the sun (with shade!) and stars. We do not offer sleeping accommodations but there are many hotels nearby and a list of great airbnb options here.

Friday evening:Candlelit open air dinner with Chef Barbra Gaddis

Saturday morning:Opening circle with Nicole Sabourian
Soundbath with Denise Renesto
CBD/THC talk with Alicia D’Entremont Wapen

Saturday afternoon:
Restorative yoga with aromatherapy with Barb Stamis
Intuitive Collage with K’era Morgan

Saturday Evening: Ocean blessing on the beach

Sunday Morning:
Movement/meditation with Nicole Sabourian
Guided writing with Laurenne Sala

Sunday afternoon: storytelling circle and closing

Our schedule is designed to offer some spaciousness to enjoy your surroundings, take a walk to the bluffs over lunch if you wish, and have a bit of solo time to integrate.

We will also have a massage therapist and energy healer on the property to provide their services throughout our time together.


Nicole Sabourian
Space holder, mamma, divine rebel and Feminist Sanctuary founder. Nicole is continually awed and inspired by the power of sisterhood to heal and transform. With a background in meditation, movement, bodywork, energy healing, and textile arts, Nicole curates retreats that bring art, movement and other expansive experiences together with badass women throughout our global community.

Denise Guaxinim Renesto
sound maker, teacher, healer. Denise’s sound bath experiences alternate the healing sounds of gongs and quartz singing bowls, attuned to 432hz, the master frequency of the Universe, in a constant dance of notes harmonizing with each other. Denise uses a planetary gong that is attuned to the energy of the planet Uranus. This energy deeply resonates with our changing times, as Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and we have been transitioning into this new era – moving away from the duality of the Piscean age.

Alicia D’Entremont Wapen
avid adventurer, wanderer, mamma and magic maker. A partner in La Flora Organica, a retail dispensary in Los Angeles that will open in the winter of 2019. She is currently working on her latest project, The Mother load(ed), a podcast to help educate and inspire women on cannabis and remove the stigma surrounding the plant. Alicia will educate us on the healing powers of CBD and THC, address any questions, and give us the option to experience this plant ally through the weekend IF desired.

Barbara Stamis
mama, teacher and lover of the human form. She has been helping women and men of all ages transform through yoga, Pilates and integrative healing modalities for over 17 years. We will use our time together to ground, find space within, and ultimately expand beyond our physical bodies through breath, movement, restorative posture, and somatic meditation. Our beautiful process will be aided by the sweetest of sweet essential oils. Barbarastamis.com

K’era Morgan
Los Angeles-based mixed media artist who currently has a penchant for small works on paper. Her current mixed media work is heavily influenced by tribal/global textile surface design, mark making as well as the craft of quiltmaking. In fact, she considers the act of ‘’piecing together’’ her collaged paintings that include found paper sourced from magazines, newspapers and books as well hand-painted paper much like the process of quilting together a story. K’era will be offering us intuitive collage, where you’ll explore a creative method that will enable you to tap into your intuition, culminating in an original piece of artwork. K-apostrophe.com

Laurenne Sala
author, writer, storyteller. Creator of the storytelling stage show, Taboo Tales, Laurenne has been helping people feel freedom from shame by telling their stories for over 8 years. After realizing by writing her own story that letting it all out on paper is healing and freeing, she set out to help others feel the same relief. When she’s not leading personal essay workshops, Laurenne writes picture books. You Made Me a Mother (Harper Collins 2016) was her debut. You Made Me a Daddy follows for Fathers Day 2019. We Hope You Remember hits your shelf this fall through the collaborative picture book app, Kabook. Laurenne.com

Barbra Gaddis
self-taught chef, huntress, doula and truth seeker. When she’s not in town nourishing families and nurturing children she enjoys hunting all over the state of Texas, preparing wild game for friends and family & raising her nine year old son.
Barbra’s mindful and loving food prep for this retreat will accommodate all expressed dietary preferences, and she will also be speaking to sustainable harvest of animals and ethical approaches to consuming meat. We will engage in a discourse on sacred and mindful eating.

And what exactly is BLOOD WISDOM you ask?

“The term blood wisdom conveys a sense of the profound experience of ‘knowing already, of recognizing, sometimes not always so clearly, that this deep wisdom is present as a sense of spirituality in our lifeblood. The understanding of blood wisdom is that in our very cells, in our wombs, this knowing has never really been absent, and all that has been denied is access to the living consciousness of the true wealth that this wisdom brings, not just for women, but for the whole planet. She is a deep and tender inner teacher. What she teaches is freedom.”

-Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, PhD, Yoni Shakti (bold and italics ours)

We can’t wait to explore and remember our blood wisdom together with you. If you live in LA, this is the perfect opportunity for a nourishing staycation in your backyard. And if you’re not from LA, we are honored to offer you this taste of the rising feminist flavors of west coast culture that truly invigorate our community.

Tuition & Registration:

Includes Friday evening dinner and artesianal snacks and beverages throughout our time together.
$200 deposit to reserve your presence, balance due October 1. Please email creatrix at nicole@feministsanctuary.com to register.